FAQ about tourism application|Audio Guide Georgia

Frequently asked questions

How do I download Audio Guide Georgia app on my phone?
Audio Guide Georgia is available for both iOS and Android. iOS Device Requirements
  • iPhone running iOS 9 or higher
  • iPhone 5 or greater
Android Device Requirements
  • Android 4.2 or above
If your viewing this website in your mobile phone, you can just click on App store or GooglePlay badge to download it. To download the app you need to be registered as a user on App Store/Google Play. Type ‘Audio Guide Georgia’ in the search form, find the app and download it. Download is free of charge.
Is Audio Guide Georgia paid application?
You can download Audio Guide Georgia free of charge. Each audio tour has a cost, indicated in the application. We are sharing audios for some places of interest free of charge, be sure to check everything. Maps, our recommendation for restaurants, bars, shops and events are available free of charge.  
Do I have to be on location to take Audio Guide Tour?
Yes, because Audio Guide Georgia uses your phone's location information to give you the right audio suitable for the location you are at that moment.  
Is Audio Guide Georgia available for other cities than Tbilisi?
Audio Guide Georgia covers main places of interest in Georgia: Tbilisi Adjara Kakheti Imereti Svaneti There are several tours available for each of the regions to choose from, according to your area of interest. We will be adding more and more cities and regions to make our app most comprehensive app for tours in Georgia.  
How do I download a tour and take it without using cellular data?
In case you are worried about internet use and fees that it may cost, Audio Guide Georgia can be downloaded in advance (while you are on a Wi-Fi in a hotel, for example). So when you walk around, you can switch your mobile internet off and use the application without using cellular data. To download a tour: Choose a tour from ‘tours’ menu, tap on ‘download’. As easy as that.  
What should I do if the tour isn’t downloading?
It may happen when your phone isn’t getting good cell reception. Try to find a Wi-Fi spot and connect to it. It should work fine.  
What should I do if I’m experiencing the problem while using the downloaded tour? Or mobile app?
Please drop us a line using Help & Feedback section in our app and we will reply as soon as possible.